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2/16/2018 - The server has been updated to the latest version of PHP 5 and NGINX. We've also moved hosts from to I think both these improvements should show in a faster website and higher reliability.

12/18/2012 - Another brand new template website has been added for our Silver and higher members. To try out the new template, just log into your account and click "EDIT YOUR TEMPLATE WEB SITE" under the photo of the teacher and two students in front of a computer. This one looks great and I think everyone will enjoy it!

12/10/2012 - A new template website has been added for our Silver and higher members. To try out the new template, just log into your account and click "EDIT YOUR TEMPLATE WEB SITE" under the photo of the teacher and two students in front of a computer.

10/11/2012 - We have a new photo uploading page! We hope you enjoy it and we think it will be much easier to manage your photos from now on. Thank you for your patience in regards to photo uploading!

7/7/2012 - Parents reviews now show up on Metrodaycare template websites. Once again another great suggestion that was submitted by Sue Miller with Miller's Family Preschool and Child Care. Thank you Sue, we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

7/5/2012 - Another great template has just been added! To try out the new template, just log into your account and click "EDIT YOUR TEMPLATE WEB SITE" under the photo of the teacher and two students in front of a computer.

6/28/2012 - Metrodaycare members will now find it easier to edit their website! We've just added a WYSIWYG editor for the "EDIT YOUR TEMPLATE WEBSITE" page. Members can now choose font colors, font sizes, bold text, etc without knowing HTML. It's as simple as selecting the text you'd like to edit and clicking buttons on the editor! Child care providers can now keep their website looking good and up-to-date easier and faster with

6/17/2012 - A new feature as been added to Metrodaycare member template websites. Child care providers can now edit META keywords and META descriptions on their websites. Please thank the world class child care provider Millers Family Preschool for this great new feature!

6/10/2012 - The Metrodaycare staff is pleased to announce a new template website has been added! The new template is very different from our other offerings and we hope you enjoy using it. To try out the new template, just log into your account and click "EDIT YOUR TEMPLATE WEB SITE" under the photo of the teacher and two students in front of a computer.

4/29/2012 - A spell check feature has been added to the entire website! The suggestion was submitted by Sue Miller with Miller's Family Preschool and Child Care. Sue runs a great child care center in her home. Thank you Sue for this great suggestion, we really appreciate your feedback!

4/16/2012 - New article added to our website entitled "The Importance of Child Care Nutrition". The article was submitted by our staff member Rebecca Ohde. Thanks Becky for the wonderful article!

1/6/2012 - New featured added to our template websites! A event calendar has been added to all Metrodaycare template websites. Child care providers can now add events and keep their parents completely up-to-date on all school events. Please thank Nellie Gail Ranch Preschool for this wonderful suggestion!

11/9/2011 - Parent feedback is now shown! Parents can now leave feedback and rank a child care provider on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. For providers who are the best, this will be a great way for other parents to find out.

11/6/2011 - Please welcoome Becky Ohde to the Team! She will be our new national sales manager for all our customers. If you have any questions please give Becky a call 1-888-227-3303.

2/26/2011 - A new page was added about child care pricing. The articles gives both a first hand account on my child day care search experience and pricing on various forms of child care. I hope you enjoy!

1/24/2011 - The licensing page on has been updated. Many of the web links were out of date. We appreciate your patience with us and we're trying our best to keep things as up-to-date as possible.

8/19/2010 - We are seeing FANTASTIC traffic within our site! That is a great thing for all of you active members! Many of our families who are locating a quality child care have been utilizing our "Contact Us" form to communicate with you, please note that when the information is forwarded to you, do not use your "reply" function in your email. Please review the email and copy and paste the "senders" email address to reply with your response to their needs. Also note that you can view all of your history of inquiries when you login into your account and follow the tab that states "Web Leads". Thank you for choosing for your online advertising needs. If you have any questions regarding this tool please contact Tim Manasterski at

5/02/2010 - continues to be one of the Leading Online Directories to locate Quality Child Care! We thank our LOYAL members for their continuous support of our site. If you know of a Provider in your area who is not advertising with, you can refer them to us and both of you can receive a discount on your membership. For more details or about other offers for New Members please contact Aurora Nava,

2/23/2010 - members can now set an alternative email address for WEB LEADS. To set your alternative email address, just click "edit listing" after logging into Metrodaycare. Parents can now be assured their online message will reach the child care providers on Metrodaycare. Just thank Jackie Robinson for this new function, it was her idea! Good job Jackie! Thanks for letting us know how Metrodaycare can be improved and adding a great new function!!!

1/13/2010 - Happy New Year Members! We wish you and your business a prosperous one. The past few years it has been a struggle for Child Care Providers sustaining the families during the challenges brought upon most from the economy. We are truly looking forward to a great year for all. We want to say "Thank You" to all of you for your support and faith in the services we provide to you and your business. We pride on the fact we are a Family Owned Company and can relate to the challenges you face as a Child Care Provider and Business Owner. As a appreciation we would like to offer you a discount if you renew your membership in the month of January. If you are a new member we have a special offer for you as well. Please contact Aurora Nava for more details at and share your contact information so she can contact you. Best wishes.

12/20/2009 - Happy Holidays! We have been having difficulties with our toll free number the last week and a half. We apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused. If you need assistance please email aurora at Please include your name and contact number and she will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.

10/9/2009 - We cannot believe that it is already Trick-or-Treat season!! We do hope all of our MetroDaycare families have been doing well! We want to offer all of our active members a "Treat" this month....we would like to offer you a FREE upgrade to your membership if you refer a "Ghoul" to sign up for our site services. Refer 5 or more "Ghouls" to a Silver Membership or higher and recieve a FREE Diamond Membership for your next renewal year! This is "NO TRICK"...enjoy our "Treat"! Be safe this October!! Please contact Aurora Nava for details 1.888.227.3303 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm PST

3/10/2009 - Happy March to all of our Members! This month is not just LUCKY for the is also LUCKY for our Active Members, if you renew your membership for next year (2010/2011) in the Month of March you will recieve a 25% Discount for your renewal! (Your balance must be current with your membership for the 2009/2010 year for this offer to apply) Please contact Aurora Nava for details at 1-888-227-3303 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm PST.

2/10/2009 - Happy Valentines Day to all of our members! Our "heart" is truly thankful for your business! Treat a "Special Valentine" and yourself this month.....Refer a New Member to our site and if they sign up they can recieve a "lovely discount" and you will receive 1 month Free* when you come up for Renewal this year. You must have the New Member contact us to receive their discount; have them mention they are your "Special Valentine"!! (They must also mention your name for you to get credit) Offer Expires: February 28, 2009 *(6 months Max. for Free at Renewal) 1-888-227-3303 or

1/6/2009 - Happy New Year to all of our members and their families! May this year be a prosperous year for your Child Care Business. Thank you for choosing for your advertising needs! This month if you refer a friend you will receive 15% off your next years us for details 1-888-227-3303 PST.

7/2/2008 - Did you know that can assist you in registering a domain name for your child care? This will allow you to be, as opposed to using the address for your website. Subject to availability of desired domain name. Contact us for more details. We wish all of our members a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

6/21/2008 - Please welcome Angel! Angel joined Metrodaycare on June 17th and will be supporting Aurora as a Sales Representative on the west coast. Let's give Angel a big Metrodaycare welcome!

3/15/2008 - Please welcome Aurora Nava! Aurora joined Metrodaycare on March 5th and will continue the tradition set forth by Fred Kania in providing excellent telephone and sales support.

2/06/2008 - Fred Kania passed away on October 20th 2007. Fred was a wonderful friend, a great father and a overall fun person. We'll all miss him dearly.

8/01/2007 - is pleased to announce the newest member to our family. Taylor Ann Manasterski was born on 7-12-2007 and weighed 6 lbs 15 ozs. Please join us in welcoming Taylor to the family.

5/02/2007 - The Peanut Gallery in Auburn, MI has added a video to their Metrodaycare listing. You can view their video here: The Peanut Gallery Video Nice video! Check it out.

10/18/2006 - Metrodaycare is pleased to announce our new platinum temple websites. If you'd like to see what they are all about, please click here: Platinum Template Websites

07/03/2006 - Coming soon! Premium website templates for sales...You can check out some samples here: Platinum Membership

01/12/2006 - MetroDaycare would like to welcome our newest advertiser, Finger Safe, Please check them out, they offer a great product to help make your home safer!

10/20/2005 - Metrodaycare no longer makes any changes on free listings. If you have a free listing and want it removed call our office toll free 1-888-227-3303. After receiving hundreds of requests each month for changes on free listings, it is not cost effective to makes changes anymore..
10/17/2005 - Metrodaycare is pleased to announce a new server has been installed to improve performance and reliability.
7/14/2005 - Metrodaycare would like to welcome it's new advertiser's, Columbian Agency and Portable Sinks, please check out their products and services.
11/24/2004 - The staff at Metrodaycare wishes to extend it's Holiday Greetings to our members and their families.
7/17/2004 - Metrodaycare mourns the loss of it's Senior Developer and c0-founder Fred Kania, his legacy lives on, he was a great son, brother, uncle,cousin, grandson and friend, His efforts in his business and personal life will truly be missed by all.

Below is a top 10 list of the most searched zip codes, area codes and states on (Stats are as of 11:59:59 PM ET on 4/30/2004). They are listed in order from the top being the most popular searches and the last listed being the holder for the 10th position.

Area Codes Zip Codes States
916 (CA)
301 (MD)
718 (NY)
408 (CA)
248 (MI)
972 (TX)
404 (GA)
210 (TX)
770 (GA)
954 (FL)
80015 (CO)
75007 (TX)
11542 (NY)
90706 (CA)
80020 (CO)
11756 (NY)
20735 (MD)
60620 (IL)
20774 (MD)
20716 (MD)
5/4/2004 - Today, MetroDaycare has added a bunch of best selling books for parents available for purchase online from Click here to see the new categories.
4/29/2004 - MetroDaycare is now advertising its services utilizing Googles AdWords Service. Our traffic has seen an incredible increase, and our online lead numbers are rising. Dont be surprised if you start generating a lot of phone calls from your listings.
4/12/2004 - We have added searching by area code on top of our popular state and zip code search methods. We have also created pages that list area codes and zip codes that allow you to just navigate without having to type.
3/30/2004 - has added a bunch of new articles that have been provided by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Click here to read the articles.
3/2/2004 - We are now offering a new membership type as of today. Our new Diamond Membership adds features above our Gold Listings. Please be sure to visit our Member Benefits page today, for more information.
1/15/2004 - Today, has launched a new forums section in our site. We encourage all parents and providers to use these forums to share information with each other.
12/20/2003 - is proud to announce that we are adding some new features shortly. Due to the nature of these features we need to upgrade our server. This server upgrade will occur over the course of the Christmas week, starting on 12/20/2003. Should you try to get to and not be able to, please keep this in mind and try again a little while later. We are spanning this out as much as possible so the downtime should be intermittent.
12/9/2003 - Parents - we have added a new section that centers around our members that have chosen to use as their web hosting provider. Please feel free to view the listings there, and be sure when you contact them that they know you found them at You may view this page by clicking here.
12/9/2003 - Great News! has some new features that will be added very soon. New Provider? Call us today toll-free at 1-888-227-3303 for unadvertised specials.
11/26/2003 - would like to wish you and your family a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.
11/12/2003 - Join today with any paid membership and receive the rest of this year FREE!
11/11/2003 - Click here to view our survey results, the current survey asks parents and providers, "Would you be interested in either viewing or listening to a welcome message online from participating Day Care Providers?"
11/7/2003 - Tuesday, November 11th is Veteran's Day. Go out and hug a veteran today! Thanks to all the men and women that serve our country, your service is greatly appreciated!
10/10/2003 - We have changed all of our paid membership packages to include FOUR FREE WEB PAGES (Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Hours). There are several themes to choose from, along with choosing an image for your homepage that you can center around Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.
10/6/2003 - is happy to announce the first winner of our monthly drawing for the $50.00 Toys R Us Gift Certificate is Mrs. J's Family Child Care in Hanover Park, IL.
9/11/2003 - With help from the wonderful people in the Yahoo Providers Group we have added over 70 new listings to our database. Parents be sure to check for these quality homes/centers in your area.
9/1/2003 - is proud to announce that we have officially launched our site to the public. After 5 months of data collection, and input from home and centered based providers the work is just starting. We plan to include many new sections and areas for chldcare seeking parents and providers alike. Please be sure to visit our site often, and if you have any sugggestions, please contact us.

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