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Benefits of Child Care WEB Cam Internet Monitoring

The WiLife video system is a revolutionary new system that has been recommended by USA Today, Forbes Magazine, The Wall St. Journal and featured on Good Morning America

It is the world's easiest, professional and cost effective child day care video security sytem in the world! Just plug it in and go, no wires to run!

Now even home day care providers can afford online web cams in their day care center. Starting at only $249 for a one camera system, this self install web cam internet monitoring system is very easy to set-up and use. Just plug in the camera(s) into a standard electrical outlet. Install the USB receiver in the computer with an internet connection and install the software. In minutes your parents will be able to view and monitor their child online in your child day care facility. Adding piece of mind in an instant.

• What better way to tell parents about your child care! You don't have to answer parent questions about your center, they can see for themselves!.

• Internet web cams will give your child care center a very professional and parent oriented look and feel. Your parents will feel like you care about their child and provide a fun, safe environment since they’ll have the ability to look after their child at all times while attending your day care or preschool.

• Fill more openings and increase parental trust in your child care.

• Give your parents a secure feeling, knowing they can always check-up on their loved ones anytime!!

• Let parents remotely Monitor your child from anywhere in the world for FREE!

daycare web cam
System requirements: High Speed Internet Connection *** Absolute must have! Imagine being able to tell a new parent considering your facility:

“Anytime during your work day just log onto our secure site and check in on your baby. With our camera system your child is only a “click” away.”

The technology that is sweeping the country in the day care industry allows you to do just that! Installing an internet web camera monitoring system benefits both the parents and the daycare facility. Now you the ability to add a one camera system for only $249!

(Only $299 dollars for a one camera system!)

Compare this system to:

Fill more openings by installing a day care web cam internet monitoring system!

WiLife is the maker of an easy to use video surveillance system for homes and small businesses. No wires to run. Just plug and go.

If the above system is over your budget for adding a webcam system to your day care, check out these other products:

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