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No. 2 (10/92) (Updated JAN-25-2009)

Eating disorders can be a threat to your own life. It can choke the life of people especially at the stage of teens. This stage can be really bad in case physical change. It brings a change, which can ruin the life.

Most of the teens are unaware of the ill effects of eating disorders, which bring them to a stage of unconsciousness such as stress, depression, obesity and hypertension at early age. Teenagers get disheartened after getting trapped into these kinds of problems. They start feeling inferior to their friends and family, which results in depression and stress.

So, parents should actively participate by helping out their children to get rid of problems in life. They should seek to each and every activity performed by their child. They should understand their child and find the reason behind such problems. A child should be made strong so that he or she does not feel lonely in their life. This would happen by loving and understanding your child. At this stage, a child should not be scolded. Even you can help him or her in academics because children who are caught in the trap of problems are not able to concentrate. And if there is no improvement in your child, you should immediately seek help from a professional. Sit with your child; tell him or her to follow a dietary plan or to exercise to reduce the plumpness.

Girls need more attention as they usually go mad when they start putting weight which can be seen now days. Girls follow standards and trends of beauty. They are under a notion that by starving, they won’t put on weight and this will enhance their beauty. But it is a wrong notion. Skipping meals will create diseases like anemia, hypertension and in-fertility. The girls are influenced from TV commercials, magazines and posters of the celebrities. So, it is necessary to follow a balanced and appropriate diet to reduce obesity and to remain fit, healthy and strong. About the Author Tom Chuong works as an Health Consultant for Clay Media Group, LLC. Currently, he's writing health articles on topics related to Best Diet Pills, Hoodia Diet Pills, and Herbal Remedies. If you need an experienced SEO writer to work on your website, please contact him.

This article was written by Tim Manasterski, a staff member.

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