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No. 3 (Updated 2/11)

An alcohol addict in his or her teens can be an embarrassing thing to parents as well as the society. This is not the age to drink and lay sprawled on the footpath but the age to study, work and create a successful name and identity. But still there are many teens that do exactly the opposite and are alcohol addicts, according to teen recovery centers.

 Teen alcohol addiction is something that cannot be neglected because there are way too many problems associated with this menace. Not only is the personal equation of the teen with adults and the society changed, but he or she also stands a chance to be caught by the law for creating problems in the society.  Crimes of passion including homicides, stealing and killing people under wheels due to drunken driving are some of the cases that have been registered increasingly against irresponsible teens. All of these are just an addition to complicated set of health problems that a teen can suffer from.

 Here are some ways in which a teen can become an alcohol addict:

  1.  Going to places where alcohol flourishes: Teens generally love to party and have a good time. Today most of the eating places, joints, clubs and pubs have a free flow of alcohol for people.  Many believe that there is no party worth enjoying if there is no alcohol. There are also private parties at houses, where alcohol assumes center-stage among various events. So all of these can be breeding ground for interest in alcohol to foster.
  2. Alcohol experimentation: Teens begin to experiment with various types of alcohol like rum, gin, vodka etc and even advice each other on how they can get a better ‘high'. All of these play on the minds of the teen and he/she begins to associate pleasurable sensations with drinking alcohol.
  3.  Increased intake of alcohol: This is the phase where according to most adolescent rehabilitation centers, a person becomes addicted.  There is a change in the person's group of friends. H shuns his old group and goes to another group which encourages alcohol drinking.  There are chances that the person may just mix drugs and nicotine with alcohol.
  4. High degree of addiction: This is the phase when the individual is sold to alcohol. He or she develops a lot of health problems; there are marked signs and symptoms that are identifiable with alcohol addiction.  The teen may even face ridicule and suspension from school because he tends to creates problems in school with his grades falling steadily.  Other parents do not allow their kids to mix with such a problem child. The teen who is too caught up with urge to drink more and more may even steal money and sell off things in order to arrange for alcohol. In some cases, the parents and the family of the teen may slap him and reprimand him, and he would revolt by running away from home and drinking excessively.
  5.  The fifth phase can be described as life-threatening when the teen begins to lose his sanity due to drinking. There are feelings of restlessness, breathlessness, depression and even suicidal tendencies that are possible due to alcohol addiction.

Make sure that you do not take teen alcohol addiction problems lightly and take your child to a teen rehab facility at the earliest.

Find more information on Teenage Alcohol Abuse. Helpful and informative information on Teen Alcohol Rehabilitation is available.

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