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No. 40 (Updated 2/2011)

Music through its emotions and it's teaching can either bring us toward good or away from it. It can give us good thoughts such as faith, hope or charity or it can bring us evil thoughts like pride, lust or hate. Hip-hop, heavy metal and rock music are two kinds of music that have caused enormous destruction in society. The Sound of Evil : The boom-boom of the bass that is amplified above all else in Heavy Metal, rock and Hip-hop, has a numbing effect on the mind. With its simple catchy beat, it pulls an individual into the music. The beat is like the watch that is swung by the hypnotist; its purpose is to distract the mind by simplicity, while he places thoughts in your head. Discordant tones (ones that jar together) and heavy distortion whihc communicates feelings like anger or agony, surround us and produces in us a sense of chaos. The buzzing of electric sounds, like those in dance music, take us from our natural human environment and reality. The sound of the hip-hop beat is violent and sexual, whihc is well presented in the music videos shown on TV that are increasingly violent and pornographic and are becoming an addiction with the younger generation.
The Lyrics of Evil: The rock movement is based on the lie that we can have the freedom without responsibility, and most of the lyrics ever written to rock music show that. It began as a rebellion against tradition, against authority and morals the love of sex and the desire to do whatever you want. It has inspired drug abuse, and sexual corruption leading to a promiscuous society. A lot of modern rock is popular because people identify with loneliness of the lyrics. This causes people to stay lonely, instead of trying to rise above it. It can lead to depression and eventually suicide. Hip-hop teaches that materialism, sex and drugs are alright. It tells children that using drugs is cool, while in real life people die everyday from abusing drugs. It has made murder and the whole ';gangsta' scene to be a part of life that we have to live with.It teaches us that life is all about the bling-bling of clothes, cars and gluttony. It has like rock music, glorified a life of self-destruction. Not all Lyrics are Bad: Not all lyrics of Rock and Hip-Hop are bad or evil. Some songs may have a positive message, but usually they are few and far between!! The sound of rock or rap music dosen't go well with positive messages because the environment that the music produces is not positive.We must choose to listen to music that is up-lifting. It may be difficult to go against popular culture but we must remember that we must never be afraid to say "No' to things that influence us badly.

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Judy Godlieb is a 47 year old Sri Lankan who is a freelance writer based in the Republic of Maldives where she works as a Human Resources Manager. She has a son aged 23.

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